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Company History

Ron Kitsul and his family started Cobalt Medical Solutions Ltd. in the fall of 2001. At that time, standards were being developed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment for dental waste management. Ron took the opportunity to put in place products and services for organizations to be stewards of these national environmental objectives. Appropriate management standards were developed such as amalgam separation and disposal so that mercury does not continue to enter the environment.

With a background of over twenty years in the insurance industry in British Columbia, Ron used his knowledge and experience to assist clients to identify and minimize risks associated with their waste management. He taught clients to mitigate risks within their control and put measures in place to manage risks out of their control. For example, he provided advice on the best size and location of used sharps containers, and the optimum waste removal schedule. This not only minimized the risk of sharp puncture accidents, but reduced the resources required to produce the plastic containers, the resources needed for disposal, and increased the safety of the those who transport and perform the disposal.

Cobalt Medical Solutions has grown into a respected biohazardous and hazardous waste company serving hundreds of customers throughout southern Alberta.

Products & Services

We offer a wide variety of hazardous sharps containers, mounting (locking & non-locking) devices, as well as biomedical waste containers. Please enquire about pricing.

We offer custom pricing and service schedules based on our clients needs.

We offer “no obligation” proposals for all clients. We want to serve you as you want to be served.

We are fully insured and licensed to transport in the province of Alberta.

Other waste disposal & recycling services:

  • Lead Aprons /
  • Lead Foil - Old /
  • Outdated X-Ray Film - Plaster Model Materials Used /
  • Expired X-Ray Fixer & Developer - Contact & Non-Contact Amalgam Waste Amalgam Traps /
  • Filters - Scrap Precious Metal Purchasing